About Us

If you spent any time looking through our blog, you’ve probably noticed that our crafting is all over the place.  If you think our blog is crazy, you should see the studio.

Maybe we could be amazing at sculpting, or scrapbooking, or weaving if that was all we were interested in.  Sometimes we wish we were one of those crafters that just loved one thing.  I’m not though, and I suspect you aren’t either.

Instead we are of those crafters who loves lots of things.  Each of us at Click Cut Create does, however, have a main passion.  For Sarah, it’s designing sewing patterns.  This blog features lots of sewing patterns and ideas for easy sewing projects for all skill levels.  But, she also has a not-so-secret super nerdy side that loves cosplay and costume making.  So there are loads of tutorials on making amazing costumes at affordable prices.

The reason Sarah really loves costume making is that you can use so many types of crafting in one project.  You can sculpt a pair of horns, cut armor out with your cricut, sew an amazing outfit, and make some jewelry to go with it.

For Lisa, it’s designing CricutMade projects and crafting for and with kids.  That’s why you will find so many amazing ideas on creative parenting from Lunch Box Boredom busters to Easter Baskets.  PS – Lisa is also responsible for most of the amazing photography on this blog.

about click cut create craft blog


Before you proceed, let me tell you who my blog isn’t for.

  • This blog isn’t for people who want to spend days working on one project.  I like to get things done.  I’m a mom with a small kid who also works and volunteers.  Making a skirt with 200 pieces, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  My projects are designed to be made quickly.  Sometimes I need to make a new outfit for the class party and I waited until the morning of.  Yep, I might be getting up 20 minutes early to make a holiday outfit.
  • This blog isn’t for people who like to spend a fortune crafting.  Nope.  I love to reuse, repurpose, and recycle.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy the odd piece of designer fabric, but I’ll also make an entire costume from a sheet I found in the linen cabinet.  I believe crafting should be affordable.
  • This blog isn’t for perfect people with perfect lives.  I fail at projects about as often as I succeed.  I’m not afraid to post my craft fails.  I can’t tell you how many times my vision ended up looking like a nightmare or I made a costume too tight and had to cut my kid out of it.  So, if you are looking for a perfect blog with amazing photos of some mom’s ideal life, you can move along.  I’d say my theme is more “I gave it a try!”

about click cut create craft blog

Now that I’ve probably scared half of you off, let me tell you what I do here. 

I make projects for the people in my life who I love and appreciate, friends, family, teachers, and others.  Those people have about as many different passions as I do, so there will be variety.  Don’t be surprised if I throw in a post here or there about birthday party treats, Easter baskets, or some amazing new product I discovered.  I make projects that I hope other people will also want to make.

(When you kid wants to go as birds for Halloween)

about click cut create craft blog


Hey!  My name is Sarah Cross and I am OBSESSED with sewing and creating.  I absolutely adore crafting and I never let myself be afraid to take on new crafting challenges.

How did I turn out this way?

I’ve tried to live my life by a personal motto – “There’s no such this as boredom, just boring people.”

I grew up in a house where my parents’ favorite phase was “find something to do.”  (Actually it was probably “stop hitting your sister” but we’ll keep that between us).  We had to keep ourselves entertained.

For their part, my parents supported my 5 brothers and sisters and I in all of our hobbies, whether it was softball, snorkeling, or basket weaving.  I can remember my mom driving me all over to find reeds when I decided that I had to learn to weave baskets, or my dad buying a pottery wheel and kiln when my sisters loved pottery in school.  As a kid I spent many hours at the library (yes I’m from the time of the dinosaurs…before youtube videos) looking through the DIY section.  I’ve built my own patio furniture, painted silk scarves, pretty much any craft, I’ve tried it once.

For about 3 years, when my daughter was a baby and toddler I made and sold doll clothes.  I loved it.  It allowed me to work from home and spend time creating.  It did get to a point where I could barely keep up.  I started wondering if there was something I could do that was more sustainable for me and would allow me to still work from home, but not constantly fall behind.

That’s when I had the idea to start selling my patterns.  This was about 8 years ago, before pdf patterns were quite so popular.  I was one of just a handful of ladies designing patterns.  My first patterns were all hand-drafted.  As time went by, I’ve digitized most patterns and really honed my skills as a designer.

What I love most about designing patterns and tutorials is that I can pass on everything I’ve learned in my over 30 years as a sewist to you.  There are so many sewing hacks and tricks I wish I knew even five years ago.

Before I go, I want to invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  I do sew-alongs, post pictures of current projects, share my inspiration, and post photos of my craft fails for my followers to enjoy.