Adventure Awaits Those Who Roam: [Free SVG File for Cricut & Silhouette]

The Trip

Every summer my sisters and I take the kids on a girls’ trip.  We usually spend 3-4 days camping, hiking, hanging at the beach, and generally seeking out adventures.  Our kids all love to be outside.  I consider that to be one of the greatest gifts my parents gave us and we have all really tried to keep the love of nature alive in our kids.

So this year we decided to try out a totally new area on the other side of the state.  We usually do the pristine beaches of Lake Michigan in June.  I got it into my head that we should go to Lake Huron instead.  It was much closer and we really wanted to not spend four hours in the car listening to kids fight.  So the trip started off amazingly.  The beach was beautiful and deserted.  What more can anyone ask for?

Day Two continues to be amazing.  It was a little hot and we all got a bit overheated on our very long hike, but it was still amazing.  I cannot tell you how pretty this natural area, the Tobico Marsh was.  It was loaded with wildlife.  The scenery was beautiful.  There are also 60 foot high observation towers where you can look out over the marsh and the forest.

At this point, our trip is totally amazing.  We are having a great time.  The kids are loving the beach.  Lake Huron is even warm, a little muddy, but warm because we are in a bay.  We are all just thrilled.  It’s going to be one of our best trips yet.

Even with a little rain, it’s still great.  We wake up, take a nice hike, baby loves jumping in puddles, we are all happy.  We are cooking over the fire.  We are relaxing.  The kids are all getting along.  Our campsite is not wet like everyone else’s.  We are seriously loving this place.


Fast forward 1 day.  We’ve nearly died in a torrential downpour.  There is a state of emergency across three counties.  There are entire roads washed out.  It’s insane.  We got our kids up at 6am, shoved them in the car, crying and sopping wet with all of our bags and food, abandoned our campsite and driven north for 2 hours.  The weather is supposed to clear up by noon.  We are hoping our campsite will dry out while we explore a lighthouse and beach in Tawas.  It’s still raining and cold when we get there.  So we decide to look for something to pass the time until the sky clears up.  We found it.  Everyone might have been wet.  Everyone might have been hiking in flip flops because our shoes were floating in 8″ of water.  Everyone might have been getting even wetter in the misty rain.  But, we found an amazing spot we would not have checked out.


In the end, we had a fun day.  We hiked about 5 miles, checked out a traveling store from logging days, found an amazing spring, and saw tons of animals, including a Scarlet Taninger and a Kirkland Warbler.  We managed to salvage the day, but our campsite never dried out.  We ended up packing up everything in the soaking wet campsite and driving an hour south to Nana & Grandpa’s house.  Where, we still had a campfire, swam in the pool and did twenty loads of laundry to get all of the sleeping bags, clothes, and everything else cleaned up.  Grandpa dried everything off for us and the kids had a blast sleeping at Nana and Grandpas for the rest of our trip.

We got to wear our matching shirts.  I spent so much time creating the design and making seven matching shirts, I was determined to get a picture in them.

Click this link and you can download the roam svg and make your ownAdventure comes to those who roam free svg

shirts.  I’d love to hear about your adventures too.  I really loved making them.  The one thing I decided was that I really love the black glitter vinyl.  It’s easy to weed, looks great, and really sticks.  I love this multi-pack because it’s so affordable.  If you click on the photo, it will bring you to Amazon to the listing.  I think you get 10 sheets – which will easily make 20 shirts for $17.99.

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