Anthropologie Inspired DIY Trinket Dish [Tutorial]

Make Your Own Ring Holder

This year for her birthday, my daughter was asking for a little ring or trinket dish to put earrings and bracelets in at night.  I found a really cute dish on Anthropologie, but I wasn’t paying $22.00 for a trinket dish for my 10-year-old, even if it was personalized with her initial.  I loved the white and gold.  It really is a perfect fit for her bedroom.


Finding the right dish

I decided to go thrift store shopping to see if I could just find something similar.  I didn’t find a round dish, but I did find a little hear shaped dish from Valentine’s Day.  The pink was not what I was wanting, but I picked it up anyway for $.99.

It was just the right size.  I’m always amazed by what you can find at the thrift store.


Painting the Dish

I got a little too excited and painted int before I took a photo.  I always have paint around the house.  Even if I didn’t a can of Krylon is about $3.50.  First, I cleaned the little dish with rubbing alcohol.  It was very grungy from being at the thrift store.  I wanted to paint to adhere.  Rubbing alcohol removed dirt and oils from your fingertips.  It allows for better adhesion of the paint…and vinyl decals if you want to use those.

Personalizing the Trinket Dish

I also always have several colors of oil based sharpie markers at my house.  These are also very affordable.  The two pack of Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers Medium Assorted 2 Pack is $5.47.  These markers last a really long time.  I use them for all sorts of projects, like personalized coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments, etc.  

If you want to get a tutorial on using sharpies on mugs, this is a great resource.  Destination Decoration gives you a full breakdown of firing times and temperatures to get the Sharpies to permanently adhere.

For the trinket dish, I actually didn’t bake the sharpie on in the stove.  Since it isn’t for food and won’t be washed very often, I simply let the paint marker dry for 24 hours.  Then I sprayed the entire dish with a triplDIY Trinket Dish.  Turn a thrift store bowl into a personalized trinket dish.e glaze.

I have the worst hand writing, but I managed to make a really nice letter K.  If your handwriting to just too bad or you want a much nicer, fancier looking letter, you can cut vinyl and use a vinyl transfer to make the letter.

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