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Hitting the Wall: How to Unblock Your Creative Self & Get Crafting

Crafting ain’t always easy.  I originally planned this post to be about inspiration, but when it came down to writing it I just didn’t feel it.  I wasn’t feeling creative or inspired.  I’d hit the wall so to speak. People hit walls for lots of reasons:  Being too tired to craft or write, pushing myself […]

Sewing and Craft Blogging Goals for 2017

I’ve really been reflecting over the past few months on personal and business goals.  As I’m starting to creep up on 40, I’m really feeling some internal pressure to buckle down and get more serious about my pattern business and blogging.  I’ve had this blog for a while and I’m sorry to admit that I’ve […]

Cricut Cut EVA Foam Armor Inset

Using the Cricut Cutting System for your Cosplay Designs If you are not familiar with this machine as a cosplayer, you should be.  The Cricut was originally designed for scrapbooking and card making.  It came with incredibly expensive cartridges that cut our different designs.  When I first got this machine, that’s what I used it […]

Steampunk cosplay Airship captain and pirate costume

I’ve always loved sewing and especially Halloween costumes. I also love making costumes for the Renaissance Festival. Then came the steampunk festivals. Now I’m super into Comic Cons. I’ve been working my keister off on all sorts of new cosplay costumes and accessories for my Etsy shop and just for fun. This is my newest […]