St. Patrick’s Day Cricut Made Cup for Teacher with free Printable

    I decided to whip up a little early teacher appreciation gift this year.  My daughter has been sick constantly and her teacher has just been wonderful helping get her caught up.  I found these little drink cups at the Dollar Tree and added some rainbow sixlets and rolos.  It’s much cuter in person. […]

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Hitting the Wall: How to Unblock Your Creative Self & Get Crafting

Crafting ain’t always easy.  I originally planned this post to be about inspiration, but when it came down to writing it I just didn’t feel it.  I wasn’t feeling creative or inspired.  I’d hit the wall so to speak. People hit walls for lots of reasons:  Being too tired to craft or write, pushing myself […]

Remaking my Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

Since this month’s theme is getting organized and setting goals, I’ll share another one of my goals.  I want to remake/update most of my patterns.  For some that will only mean making new cover art samples.  But, for some of my older patterns I plan on fully remaking tutorials and pattern pieces.  I decided to […]

Cricut Cut EVA Foam Armor Inset

Using the Cricut Cutting System for your Cosplay Designs If you are not familiar with this machine as a cosplayer, you should be.  The Cricut was originally designed for scrapbooking and card making.  It came with incredibly expensive cartridges that cut our different designs.  When I first got this machine, that’s what I used it […]