Top 10 Free Beach Sewing Patterns [Round-up]

Free Summer Sewing Pattern Roundup Summer is my favorite time to sew.  I just love making project I can use.  Most of the year, I’m sewing for someone else. Summer, on the other hand, I can sew for myself.  This is a roundup of my favorite free patterns for summer sewing.   Fish Beach Bag […]

The Original Bubble shorts sewing pattern

Jump Start on Summer Sewing [PDF Sewing Pattern]

Bubble Shorts & Pillowcase Top Sewing Pattern About 6 years ago I came up with this adorable pattern for bubble shorts.  It’s been copied many times over by other pattern makers, but I like to think that my pattern is still one of the best.  It was based on 15th Century Italian Men’s wear and […]

crafting advice and hacks on how to be more creative

Hitting the Wall: How to Unblock Your Creative Self & Get Crafting

Crafting ain’t always easy.  I originally planned this post to be about inspiration, but when it came down to writing it I just didn’t feel it.  I wasn’t feeling creative or inspired.  I’d hit the wall so to speak. People hit walls for lots of reasons:  Being too tired to craft or write, pushing myself […]

Organize Your Sewing Stash Round-up

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little more organization in my crafting.  Things tend to get pretty messy pretty quickly when I’m working on a project.  My favorite organization hacks are here Scraps: Check out this fun and easy way to organize scraps. I actually use something very […]

Manly Sewing Projects

So I love making handmade gifts, but it isn’t easy to sew stuff for the guys in my life.  I wanted to make something special for my dad and use my embroidery machine.  He’s bringing my daughter on a really special fishing trip this summer, so I started thinking about making a fishing vest.  I […]