DIY Essential Oil Gel Air Freshener [Tutorial]

Gel Air Freshener Tutorial diy gel air freshener tutorial

I was looking at the essential oil diffusers the other day and I was really struck by how expensive they can be.  I just can’t afford to have one in every room I would like.  That got me thinking about something an old friend used to make, gel air fresheners.  I had everything I needed to make them already, except gelatin.  To my shock and amazement as a mother – the box of gelatin in the cupboard was put back totally empty.  😉

It’s So Easy – Here’s What You Need diy gel air freshener Tutorial

    1. Mason Jars – This could be any jar really.  You could use an old olive jar, salsa jar, whatever you have lying around.  I had some left over jelly jars I used.
    2. Tulle – This is for the lid.  I’ll put some links in later with some fancier alternatives.
    3. Plain Gelatin – $1.44 for a 4 pack
    4. Ribbon – I had this laying around
    5. Rubber Bands – ditto – I always have these.  But they sell a bag of 200 for $1.00
    6. Hot Water
    7. Essential Oils – I’ve got these at home, but if you are looking, they are pretty affordable.  I use my essential oils all the time.  It’s really been worth the investment.  A single bottle of blended oil is less that $10 – maybe even less than $5 depending on how picky you want to be about the brand.  Here is the link to the oil I use:  Body Defense Essential Oil  It’s $8.95 on Amazon.  It lasts forever.  I haven’t even put a dent in the bottle.

The Cost

Because I had most of the stuff to make these, I only needed to buy the $1.44 packet of gelatin.  I made 3 for $1.44 or $.48 each.  They sell on Etsy for $8/each.  Even if I bought the nice lids, it would only have made them about $1.00 each.  So I saved myself over $20 and I have my essential oils in my office, laundry, and my daughter’s room now, instead of just the family room.  Plus, I love using recycled materials.  It’s projects like this that make me save little ribbons that come on gifts and random jars from stuff I buy.

The Recipediy gel air freshener Tutorial

I have to laugh even calling it that.  For each 1 cup air freshener, you need two packets of gelatin.  You basically mix it into HOT water.  I microwaved 2 cups of water in my glass measuring cup and mixed in all 4 packets of gel.  Then, I mixed in several drops of body defense blend essential oil because everyone here keeps getting sick at the moment.  I might make a sleep blend freshener for my night stand.  You can use whatever oil you want.  It’s up to you.

diy gel air freshener TutorialPouring it

I am a slob so I used a funnel to pour it into my jars.  If you are careful you could easily do this with just the measuring cup.  Leave about 1″ at the top.  This actually led me to having a bit of extra, so I made a tiny jar freshener too.  I shoved it in the laundry room.

diy gel air freshener Tutorial diy gel air freshener TutorialThe Top

I used tulle like my friend used to. This allows the maximum scent exposure.  If you want the freshener to last longer you can use one of these mason jar lids.  I thought I had a couple in the junk drawer, but I couldn’t find them.  Maybe next time.  Just cut a small square and use the rubber band to hold it in place.  I then covered the rubber band with ribbon to make it a little fancy.  You could make it really shabby chic with twine or raffia.  Lot’s of possibilities.


This is where I thought teens and tweens would enjoy making these.  You can easily color it with a couple of drops of liquid food coloring, add glitter, flower petals, etc.  You could put little toys in there for the kids’ bathroom, etc.  There are really so many possibilities for embellishing it.

It’s just a fun, simple, and affordable project that lets you use essential oils in multiple rooms without the cost of the diffuser.  Plus, you don’t have another thing plugged in sucking up power.  I’m actually enjoying one on my desk right now.  My whole studio smells amazing and I feel wide awake.

diy gel air freshener Tutorial

Other Lids

As I was saying above, I wanted the open metal lids.  Not sure where they went to, but this is essentially what I was looking for.  You can see that they are really affordable.  Plus, I reuse them over and over.  Sometimes I even use them as frogs for flower arrangements.

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