Free Pattern Kid’s Easter Bunny Poncho [PDF Sewing Pattern]

Free Pattern Kid’s Easter Bunny Poncho [PDF Sewing Pattern]

Free Easter Sewing PatternIn honor of Easter, I’ve decided to give away one of my favorite patterns.  This is one of my first patterns that I ever made from over 6 years ago when I first started making patterns – back before I computer drafted all my patterns.  It’s still a great pattern that makes a totally adorable Easter Bunny Poncho.

In addition to making these for Easter, I also donated several to the local shelter and my little’s preschool.  These ponchos are so fun to make and really affordable, especially if you are able to find a remnant.

Free Pattern

You can download the free pattern here.  You will need a measuring tape or a ruler to make this pattern.  Instead of giving you dozens of pieces to print out and tape together to make the body of the poncho, I provide you with the measurements.  The photo at the right shows you an example.  I also show you how to make it any size with a shirt.  So, you can easily make sizes larger than 4-5 years (if you can find a kid older than that willing to wear an Easter Bunny Poncho;)  The pattern also has printable pieces for the neck opening and the ears and tail.

Download the complete pattern here:  bunnyponchodoc


I really like sewing with fleece.  It’s just a great medium for beginners.  It is very forgiving and easy to work with.  It’s also very affordable.  For this poncho I used Ultra Cuddle Chenille.  Similar to fleece, it’s very easy to work with.  It also feels really nicely.  If you were making these for a birthday party or something else, then I might even use felt for affordability.  An advanced sewist could easily line this poncho it satin.  I don’t show you how to do that with this beginner pattern, but it would not be tough for an experienced sewist.  In fact, this poncho does not even need to be hemmed.  You could make it longer and fringe the edges.  There are so many options.  The fabric I used in the poncho is available below.

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free easter bunny kid's poncho sewing pattern

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