Free Dandelion SVG – #cricutmade Laptop Decal [tutorial]

Free Dandelion SVG

I’ve been meaning to do a little selfish crafting for a while.  I bought my new netbook/laptop.  It’s great.  I love being able to work when I’m not in my office.  I’ve even been designing some printables and svgs on it.  The screen size isn’t like my desktop, nor is the image as sharp.  It is, however, one of my best purchases for business.

I actually just bought the Levono Ideapad.  It’s not pricey, but it runs all the programs I need for blogging and graphic design. I can use inkscape, publisher, word, etc.  It’s under $160.  The memory is small, but I save everything to my google drive anyway.
It’s available in multiple colors.  I just happen to love red, so that’s what I got.  I’ll tell you it’s an upgrade from my old Gateway, that I’ve been using for the last 15 years.  I was just tired of being mocked for using my ancient laptop.

I didn’t like the plain jane laptop.  I’ve seen all these fancy laptop skins so I wanted to make my laptop more unique.  Here’s the finished product.  It’s not white, but silver.  It’s just really hard to capture the color with my camera…or my limited photography skills.

Free laptop cut file svg design Dandelion











The SVG Design

I designed this graphic for my laptop.  I love the saying and I’ve been wanting to do something with dandelions for a while now.  You can download the Free Dandelion svg by clicking the link.  It’s fully scalable so you can use in on other projects.  It will not work for really small designs because the lines are small.  I just can’t see the little seedlings cutting well for something small.  It needs to be a bigger thing like a sign, laptop, t-shirt, etc.

One other thing is that I used the non-permanent vinyl.  I wanted to be able to change my design when I get sick of it.  You can purchase it here: Cricut Adhesive Foil Stainless, Gold  It’s a good think too, because I put the decal on upside down.  I had to peel it all off and redo.  So, lesson learned.  Pay attention before you waste $3 worth of vinyl and 30 minutes of your time.

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