Positive Parenting – Inspirational Words for Little Hearts [Free Printable]

unch box cards free printable with inspirational and encouraging words of kindness

Inspirational Messages

I often find myself really frustrated as a parent.  There is so much to squeeze into every day and it can be really hard to find time for one-on-one with your kids.  Especially during the week when I am working and rushing my little around to all of her activities.   I don’t even feel like she does that many activities, but the daily grind can be exhausting.  Then, there is homework, and reading, and bathing, and maybe a little time to unwind or play.

With my little being an only child, she is very used to loads of attention.  But, as she gets older, I find myself encouraging her more and more to spend time entertaining herself.  I just don’t have endless hours to spend playing games or snuggling, as much as I might want to.  But, I still try to find little ways to encourage her and make those connections throughout the day.

Inspirational Lunch Box Notes

One of my favorite little things is to pop a note in her backpack or lunch box.  My little has a tendency to focus on negatives and to be very self-critical.  I am always asking her to find 1-2 positive things to say about an experience instead of pointing out what went wrong or what she didn’t like.

I made up a free sample of my notes.  I usually just print blank pages and write little notes on them.  But, if you want a quick and easy way to get started, you can print the free Lunch Box Inspiration Printable here: lunch box cards free printable

Words of Encouragement

I do try to take a few minutes out of every day just to pay my little a few compliments.  There are times when, in the morning rush, we are both near tears trying to get out of the house.  My kid is a massive turtle and chronically disorganized so the morning is not a good time at our house.  Even though she is up 2 hours before school starts, she still manages to almost be late daily.    That’s why I love hiding a little note in her planner or bag or lunch box.  Even if we’ve had a bad morning, I can encourage her.  I try to do it the night before so it’s a surprise and I don’t forget in the morning rush.  That way I know that no matter what happened in the morning, we can recover in the day.

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