Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids [Free Printable]

I think I might be getting worse summer fever than the kids.  I am counting down the days until summer vacation.  I cannot wait to sleep in, have no set schedule, and spend more time doing fun stuff.

In reality, I know that about two weeks in to summer vacation the kids start to get whiny about being bored and I start to wish that school was back in session.  I am trying to spend a little time now figuring out some inexpensive ways to fill the time this summer.

free pritnable summer bucket list for kids

summer bucket list blank

One of my favorite activities is a summer bucket list.  I love putting these together.

The list itself will keep kids entertained. Click the following link to download my summer bucket list

I have several versions I use personally, but I find that kids to best with a more structured design with less choices.  That’s why I’ve designed this Summer Bucket List with 40 items.  I think that with guidance, kids can complete this with things even full-time, working parents can do.

I’m always surprised by the bucket list ideas kids come up with.  Mostly, I find the simplicity of their ideas to be great.  Most kids will say something crazy like Disney World or walk in space, but for the most part, they actually want to do affordable, simple things like get an ice cream cone or go in a kayak.

Things I want to learn

I love this category because it’s accessible for everyone.  You can get a book from the library on a subject, take a family field trip, or watch a documentary.

Here are my 10 favorite things I want to learn for kids

  1. How to fly a kite
  2. How to plant a garden
  3. How to ride a bike/rollerblade
  4. How to make giant bubbles
  5. How to swim
  6. How to make ice cream
  7. How to geocache
  8. How to play card games
  9. How to identify birds/bugs/animal tracks
  10. How to play a new sport

Things I want to see

I like to give kids a list of things that are found in my area.  Many of them can be free or low cost.  Here is a great summer bucket list of things to see near you

  1. a sunrise
  2. a sunset
  3. a meteor shower
  4. 10 types of birds
  5. 10 types of insects
  6. a concert/movie in the park
  7. a renaissance festival
  8. outdoor artwork

Places I want to go

These don’t have to be expensive vacation getaways.  They can be simple, local places.

  1. grandparents’ house / aunt/uncle’s house
  2. local park
  3. playground at a different school
  4. zoo
  5. library
  6. farmers market
  7. beach
  8. museum
  9. state/national park in your area
  10. Mini-golf

Things I want to eat

This is a fun list to make.  It can be really exciting and include things like trying a new restaurant or getting a picky eater to try a new food.  It can also be simple.

  1. a dinner cooked totally on the bbq
  2. a banana split
  3. pizza I make myself
  4. a picnic lunch
  5. exotic fruit
  6. foreign food

People I want to spend time with

I’m really bag about getting play dates together over the summer.  It’s one of my areas I want to work on.  I use this list to get an idea of friends who might want to play over the summer.  It can also include siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even extra special time with mom and dad.

Books I want to read

This is a great way to get your kids reading this summer.  I completely struggle with this.  We get so busy and reading doesn’t remain a priority.  If you have a list of books, though, you can use it as a motivator.  Take a trip to the library to pick out one of the books on a rainy or muggy day.  Surprise with a new book for a vacation or for great behavior.  I like having an easy list to refer to.  Otherwise, I find myself buying books that never get read or that involve arguing to force my kid to read them.

Challenges I want to face

I love this part of the summer bucket list.  I like knowing what’s going on in my kid’s head.  What is she struggling with? What kind of goals does she want to set for herself?  This section can include facing fear, breaking bad habits, making good habits, and more.

  1. stop biting nails
  2. each more fruits and veggies
  3. watch less tv
  4. spend at least 1 hour outside each day
  5. make new friends
  6. learn a new skill

Random Ideas

  1. bake cookies
  2. volunteer
  3. have a backyard luau
  4. collect shells at a beach
  5. make a fort
  6. have a scavenger hunt
  7. have a picnic
  8. pick berries/apples
  9. make a sandcastle
  10. have a backyard campfire/campout
  11. have a lemonade stand
  12. go on a hike
  13. learn origami
  14. make shadow puppets
  15. be a pirate for a day
  16. go to a new museum
  17. make backyard games
  18. learn a new card game
  19. learn a magic trick
  20. make slime
  21. make colored sand
  22. paint a canvas
  23. play badminton or volleyball
  24. wade in a stream/river
  25. paint and hide rocks
  26. go roller skating
  27. go bowling
  28. visit the zoo
  29. run through the sprinklers
  30. sidewalk chalk
  31. make a family cookbook
  32. catch fireflies
  33. host a backyard summer Olympics
  34. decorate your bike
  35. go to a garage sale/flea market
  36. attend an outdoor festival
  37. visit all of the local parks in your area
  38. make crafts from recycled items
  39. blow bubbles
  40. paint your own canvas sneakers
  41. decorate flip flops
  42. have a tea party
  43. make a slip and slide
  44. go to a professional sporting event
  45. participate in a free workshop – Lowe’s, Home Depot, Pottery Barn, etc.
  46. Family Game Night
  47. Donate a birthday bag to the local food bank
  48. Random acts of kindness
  49. feed the ducks
  50. go letterboxing

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