Top 10 Free Beach Sewing Patterns [Round-up]

Free Summer Sewing Pattern Roundup

Summer is my favorite time to sew.  I just love making project I can use.  Most of the year, I’m sewing for someone else. Summer, on the other hand, I can sew for myself.  This is a roundup of my favorite free patterns for summer sewing.


  1. Fish Beach Bag Sewing Pattern
  2. Free Beach Tote Sewing Pattern
  3. Beach Towel Beach Bag Sewing Pattern
  4. Splash Proof Trinket Bag
  5. Pom Pom Trim Beach Shorts
  6. Boho Beach Dress 
  7. Mesh Sports Pouch
  8. Sand Free Beach Bag
  9. Beach Towel Cover Up
  10. Beach kimono Cover Up

Free Beach Tote

My Favorite pattern this year is the sand free beach bag.  I am totally making these for sand toys.  I just cleaned an obscene amount of sand out of my trunk from beach toys.  I think nylon is a better option for making the body of the bag, but I love the mesh bottom.  The fact that you can give it a good shake and loose all the sand is amazing.  I might even put a mesh bottom in my beach bag this year.  I usually make a new beach bag every year.  They get beat up over the course of the year.


The kimono pattern is another favorite.  I spend a lot of time at the beach or in the backyard by the pool.  I love having a little something to cover up with when I’m walking around.  This Kimono pattern is adorable.  For the beach, I would not use fringe.  You don’t want wet fringe clinging to you.  A nice lace trim or no trim at all would work out wonderfully.  I love the fact that you can make this from so many fabrics.  How about a knit or jersey instead of silk or chiffon.  Walking around in a nice, comfy, and fast drying fabric cover up is a great idea.

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